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2017 Morning and Torah Studies Catalog

DateType Title Sampleshopwatch
06.17.17MSTorah as Wisdom II Audio ClipBuy 
TSCourage and ResilienceAudio ClipBuy 
06.10.17MSTorah as wisdom Audio ClipBuy 
TSVirture overcoming resistanceAudio ClipBuy 
05.20.17MSYesod: Foundations of Consciousness Audio ClipBuy 
TSTikkun Olam: Small words, small ideas.Audio ClipBuy 
05.13.17MSHod as the vessel that contains the Holy Audio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
04.29.17MSTruth and Beauty Audio ClipBuy 
TSDestructive SpeechAudio ClipBuy 
04.22.17MSLevels of Gevurah Audio ClipBuy 
TSInner Life of Nadav and AbihuAudio ClipBuy 
04.08.17MSTrying To Be Free Audio ClipBuy 
TSDeep FreedomAudio ClipBuy 
04.01.17MSKabbalah and Telling the Exodus story Audio ClipBuy 
TSFreeing the Shechnah in ExileAudio ClipBuy 
03.25.17MSFour Parshiyot, Renewal Audio ClipBuy 
TSMishkan as Metaphor for Inner LifeAudio ClipBuy 
03.11.17MSInsights on Esther Audio ClipBuy 
03.04.17MSPurim and Amalek Audio ClipBuy 
TSPnimiyut:InwardnessAudio ClipBuy 
02.25.17MSReligion beyond, Religion: Thought of Paul Tillich Audio ClipBuy 
TSAsra WomaniAudio ClipBuy 
02.18.17MSNA Audio ClipBuy 
TSTillich and the Theology of DoubtAudio ClipBuy 
02.11.17MSInto to Tillich Audio ClipBuy 
TSTillich, Jung, and Torah StudyAudio ClipBuy 
02.04.17MSArchetypes of Pharoah Audio ClipBuy 
TSMoses and PharoahAudio ClipBuy 
01.28.17MSJung and the Soul Audio ClipBuy 
TSJung and the BibleAudio ClipBuy 
01.07.17MSAwareness and Gurdjieff Audio ClipBuy 
TSMoral ThoughtAudio ClipBuy 

2016 Morning and Torah Studies Catalog

DateType Title Sampleshopwatch
12.31.16MSPhilosophy and Religion I Audio ClipBuy 
TSPhilosophy and Religion IIAudio ClipBuy 
12.24.16MSPhilosophical Background of Christianity Audio ClipBuy 
TSBiblical and Jewish Background of ChristianityAudio ClipBuy 
12.17.16MSReview of Wisdom Teaching Audio ClipBuy 
TSPassion and ReasonAudio ClipBuy 
12.10.16MSWisdom, Eudaimonia , Insight Audio ClipBuy 
TSGenesis, Creation of AdamAudio ClipBuy 
12.03.16MS​Wisdom and Mysticism Audio ClipBuy 
TSDepths of Creation #4​Audio ClipBuy 
11.26.16MS​Wisdom, Axiom, Facts, Policy​ Audio ClipBuy 
TS​​​Archetype of Hagar​Audio ClipBuy 
11.19.16MSSettling Down Audio ClipBuy 
TS​​​Elements of PreCreation: Genesis Talk #3Audio ClipBuy 
11.12.16MSElection Decompression, Leonard Cohen tribute Audio ClipBuy 
TS​​​Midrash and Gnosticism​Audio ClipBuy 
11.05.16MSFive Realms of wisdom​ Audio ClipBuy 
TS​​​Philosophy Midrash on Genesis​Audio ClipBuy 
10.29.16MSFive Phases of wisdom​ Audio ClipBuy 
TS​​​Poetic Reading Genesis 1:1-3​​Audio ClipBuy 
10.22.16MSSukkot: Holy words and meditation on compassion​ Audio ClipBuy 
TS​​​Ecclesiastes, Simchat Torah​Audio ClipBuy 
10.15.16MSFour Dimensions of Sukkot​ Audio ClipBuy 
TS​​​Joy, Gratitude, Joy on Sukkot​​Audio ClipBuy 
10.08.16MS​Three Stages of Teshuvah​ Audio ClipBuy 
TS​​Paths to the Divine: Meditation and Passion​​Audio ClipBuy 
10.01.16MS​Two Images for Inner Work​ Audio ClipBuy 
TS​Higher Teshuvah and Lower Teshuva​Audio ClipBuy 
09.24.16MS​Experience of Good, Virtue and Introspection​Audio ClipBuy 
TSThe Good, Speaking to God, Awe and Strangeness​​​Audio ClipBuy 
09.17.16MSWisdom and Crucial Conversation​ Audio ClipBuy 
TS​Virtue and Human Dignity​​Audio ClipBuy 
09.10.16MSWisdom and Virtue Practice Audio ClipBuy 
TS​Virtue to Generosity​Audio ClipBuy 
09.03.16MS​Life of Truth and the Yetzer Hara​ Audio ClipBuy 
TSTruth and the Broken Heart​Audio ClipBuy 
08.27.16MSRevering, Walking, Loving, Serving Audio ClipBuy 
TSThe Broken and the WholeAudio ClipBuy 
08.20.16MSSoul, Love, Beauty Audio ClipBuy 
TSEmptiness to MeaningAudio ClipBuy 
08.13.16MS9th of Av and Healing Language Audio ClipBuy 
TSPhilosophic Psychology and JeremiahAudio ClipBuy 
07.23.16MS​Truth and Service : Pirkei Avot 1:3 Audio ClipBuy 
TSBila'am: Prophecy And TruthAudio ClipBuy 
07.16.16MSMorning Service Audio ClipBuy 
TSTorah ServiceAudio ClipBuy 
07.09.16MSKnowledge and Truth I Audio ClipBuy 
TSKnowledge and Truth IIAudio ClipBuy 
07.02.16MScomments on Mainmonides 'eight chapters' Audio ClipBuy 
TSPnimiyut - Inner DirectnessAudio ClipBuy 
06.25.16MSViolenee juicide and treatment Audio ClipBuy 
TSComplaint cravings and divine spiritAudio ClipBuy 
06.18.16MSThoughts on Tel Aviv and Orlando Audio ClipBuy 
TSTheft Family and DivinityAudio ClipBuy 
06.11.16MSNature And Authority of Oral Torah Audio ClipBuy 
TSRevelation and KnowledgeAudio ClipBuy 
05.28.16MSCulture and structure Audio ClipBuy 
TSUndoing cultureAudio ClipBuy 
05.14.16MSMorning Service Audio ClipBuy 
TSTorah ServiceAudio ClipBuy 
05.07.16MSLove, Justice, Truth & Beauty Audio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
04.30.16MSCosmic Mind And Emanation Audio ClipBuy 
TSHesed & Gevurah, Dimension of spiritAudio ClipBuy 
04.23.16MSPesach questions and answers Audio ClipBuy 
TSConsciousness, addiction, love and the OmerAudio ClipBuy 
04.16.16MSSymbolic Dimensions of Passover I Audio ClipBuy 
TSSymbolic Dimensions of Passover IIAudio ClipBuy 
04.09.16MSReview of Four Portions: Melancholy to Freedom Audio ClipBuy 
TSDepression and Soul RenewalAudio ClipBuy 
04.02.16MSThe danger of purity Audio ClipBuy 
TSFrom existential emptiness to care of soulsAudio ClipBuy 
03.19.16MSShabbat Zachor The Attack of Amalek Audio ClipBuy 
TSTfilah/Prayer and speaking the truth in the heartAudio ClipBuy 
03.12.16MSgenerosity of heart to the heart of truth Audio ClipBuy 
TScloud of unknowing to sorrow and joyAudio ClipBuy 
03.06.16MSShekalim: Generosity, community, Self-Realization Audio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
02.27.16MSIdentify Any Inner Religion Audio ClipBuy 
TSInner Religion & TransformationAudio ClipBuy 
02.20.16 MSAuthenticity I Audio ClipBuy 
TSAuthenticity IIAudio ClipBuy 
02.13.16 MSTallit and Stoicism Audio ClipBuy 
TSTallit and MysticismAudio ClipBuy 
02.06.16 MSFour quandrants of spiritun Audio ClipBuy 
TSHuman court & divine courtAudio ClipBuy 
01.30.16 MSMortality Politics And The Soul Audio ClipBuy 
TSLegal Reasoning & the divine MindAudio ClipBuy 
01.23.16 MSArmed and Divided: Ambivalence and Liberation Audio ClipBuy 
TSManna and Divine NourishmentAudio ClipBuy 
01.16.16 MSSeeking truth within Part 1 Audio ClipBuy 
TSSeeking truth within Part 2Audio ClipBuy 
01.09.16 MSSpark & Husk/ Language and Consciousness Audio ClipBuy 
TSSkepticism and the ego selfAudio ClipBuy 

2015 Morning and Torah Studies Catalog

DateType Title Sampleshopwatch
12.19.15 MSLogos in Jewish, Greek and Christian thought Part 1 Audio ClipBuy 
TSLogos in Jewish, Greek and Christian thought Part 2Audio ClipBuy 
12.12.15 MSThe Will Activating the Soul part 1 Audio ClipBuy 
TSThe Will Activating the Soul part 2Audio ClipBuy 
12.05.15 MSSlogans in Response to National Tragedy Audio ClipBuy 
TSDimensions of ChanukahAudio ClipBuy 
11.28.15 MSNA Audio ClipNA 
TSJacob, Israel and EsauAudio ClipBuy 
11.21.15 MSMorning Service Audio ClipBuy 
TSTorah ServiceAudio ClipNA 
11.14.15 MSTragedy in France & being present here Audio ClipBuy 
11.07.15 MSTfila and Raising Sparks Audio ClipBuy 
TSAngels, souls, synchroniciyAudio ClipBuy 
10.31.15 MSInner life of Tefila Audio ClipBuy 
TSVirtue and path to depthNANA 
10.24.15 MSInner Depths of Prayer Audio ClipBuy 
TSAbraham Fleeing Grief into MeaningAudio ClipBuy 
10.17.15 MSDeeper Dimension of prayer 1 Audio ClipBuy 
TSDeeper Dimension of prayer 2Audio ClipBuy 
10.10.15 MSMorning Service Audio ClipBuy 
TSTorah ServiceAudio ClipBuy 
10.03.15 MSWisdom to Authentic Happiness 1 Audio ClipBuy 
TSWisdom to Authentic Happiness 2Audio ClipBuy 
09.26.15 MSSukkot and the wisdom of spiritual contentedness 1 Audio ClipBuy 
TSSukkot and the wisdom of spiritual contentedness 2Audio ClipBuy 
09.19.15 MSReview of Teshuvah, Tefilah, Tzedaka Audio ClipBuy 
TSQuestions and Teachings on Various Issues of Rosh HaShanahAudio ClipBuy 
09.12.15 MSEssence of Rosh Hashannah 1 Audio ClipBuy 
TSEssence of Rosh Hashannah 2Audio ClipBuy 
09.05.15 MSComplexity of Consciousness Audio ClipBuy 
TSThe Experience of Spiritual WorkAudio ClipBuy 
08.29.15 MSHigher Checklist For Rebuke Audio ClipBuy 
08.22.15 MSRebuke and The Life of Truth 1 Audio ClipBuy 
TSRebuke and The Life of Truth 2Audio ClipBuy 
08.15.15 MSSpiritual discipline of Rebuke Audio ClipBuy 
TSParashat Re-eh: Seeing the BlessingAudio ClipBuy 
07.04.15 MS17 Tamuz & 4th of JulyAudio ClipBuy 
TS17 Tamuz & 4th of July part 2 - Vigilante JusticeAudio ClipBuy 
06.27.15 MSFurther Thoughts from Berlin - 3Audio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
06.13.15 MSThe Wall Falls and a World Falls: Further Thoughts From BerlinAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
06.06.15 MSThoughts on Enlightenment from Berlin Audio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipBuy 
05.30.15 MSSpiritual experience of Tallit Audio ClipBuy 
TSDepths of Priestly BlessingAudio ClipBuy 
05.23.15 MSDisintegrution + Reintegrution Malchut - shekinain spiritual practiceAudio ClipBuy 
TSMarrige of Heaven +earth any other kabbalistic metaphorsAudio ClipBuy 
05.16.15 MSExile of Speech, Shavu’ot, and the Oven of Achnai part 1Audio ClipBuy 
TSExile of Speech, Shavu’ot, and the Oven of Achnai part 2Audio ClipBuy 
05.09.15 MSCan we Change? Inner work and Inner growthAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Dynamics of Kabbalistic Spiritual PsychologyAudio ClipBuy 
05.02.15 MSEmbodying the SephirotAudio ClipBuy 
TSEmbodying the Sephirot IIAudio ClipBuy 
04.25.15 MSThe Core Self and TiferetAudio ClipBuy 
TSRecap and Tzimtzum as a Model for the Inner LifeAudio ClipBuy 
04.18.15 MSPlato and the KabbalahAudio ClipBuy 
TSPillars of WisdomAudio ClipBuy 
04.11.15 MSStructure of Lurianic KabbalahAudio ClipBuy 
TSQ and A on Structure of Lurianic KabbalahAudio ClipBuy 
04.04.15 MSPassover Q and A; Passover & the SoulAudio ClipBuy 
TSRedemption and Liberation of the SoulAudio ClipBuy 
03.28.15 MSInsights into HaggadahAudio ClipBuy 
TSFreedom from the seven faces of pharaohAudio ClipBuy 
03.21.15 MSShekalim and Sixteen BlocksAudio ClipBuy 
TSAnalysis of Recent Israeli Election, Discussion of Parashat HachodeshAudio ClipBuy 
03.14.15 MSShekalim and Sub-personalitiesAudio ClipBuy 
TSPurifying AmalekAudio ClipBuy 
03.07.15 MSRoyce, Hoffer, And Becker and the four special portionsAudio ClipBuy 
TSReview of Morning Study: Psychology of Regression and the Molten CalfAudio ClipBuy 
02.28.15 MSAmalek and the "True" BelieverAudio ClipBuy 
TSHealing the "True" BelieverAudio ClipBuy 
02.14.15 MSLaw and LoyaltyAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
02.07.15 MSIsaiahAudio ClipBuy 
TSCommandments and DharmaAudio ClipBuy 
01.31.15 MSCrisis in the book of JeremiahAudio ClipBuy 
TSFaith and the SoulAudio ClipBuy 
01.24.15 MSRenewal of Judaism in JeremiahAudio ClipBuy 
TSLanguage Play in ExodusAudio ClipBuy 
01.17.15 MSTheory of ProphecyAudio ClipBuy 
TSNA Audio ClipNA 
01.10.15 MSComments and Discussion on Terrorism in FranceAudio ClipBuy 
TSProphecy and MosesAudio ClipBuy 
01.03.15 MSKiddushin Value Concepts and Jewish LiturgyAudio ClipBuy 
TSArchetype of Rachel: Challenging GodAudio ClipBuy 

2014 Morning and Torah Studies Catalog

DateType Title Sampleshopwatch
12.27.14 MSRabbinic Mind IAudio ClipBuy 
TSRabbinic Mind IIAudio ClipBuy 
12.20.14 MSThe Jewish Background of the Jesus of the GospelsAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Kingdom of God in the Gospels and early JudaismAudio ClipBuy 
12.13.14 MSHistory and symbolism of HanukkahAudio ClipBuy 
TSMetaphysical foundation of HanukkahAudio ClipBuy 
12.06.14 MSArchetypes of PoliticsAudio ClipBuy 
TSArchetypes of Jacob and EsauAudio ClipBuy 
11.29.14 MSStructure of the soulAudio ClipBuy 
TSJacob and the Authentic SelfAudio ClipBuy 
11.22.14 MSSoul & DreamsAudio ClipBuy 
TSDreaming Torah - Portion ToldotAudio ClipBuy 
11.15.14 MSSymbolic Dimension of ReligionAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
11.08.14 MSThe Soul and the ShadowAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Voice that Was Not God: Abraham and the AkeidahAudio ClipBuy 
11.01.14 MSThe soul and play Audio ClipBuy 
TSThree archetypes of AbrahamAudio ClipBuy 
10.25.14 MSThe theory of the soul II: The religious symbolic lifeAudio ClipBuy 
TSMidrash + ExistentialismAudio ClipBuy 
10.18.14 MSTheory of the Soul I Audio ClipBuy 
TSMidrash On the Mind of GodAudio ClipBuy 
10.11.14 MSSpiritual Discipline of Gratitude, Happiness, and Joy Part I Audio ClipBuy 
TSSpiritual Discipline of Gratitude, Happiness, and Joy Part IIAudio ClipBuy 
09.27.14 MSHigher Teshuva I Audio ClipBuy 
TSHigher Teshuva IIAudio ClipBuy 
09.20.14 MSPre- Rosh Hashanah: Wall of virtue to Higher Self Part IAudio ClipBuy 
TSPre- Rosh Hashanah: Wall of virtue to Higher Self Part IIAudio ClipBuy 
09.13.14 MSThe mysterious Inner Teacher: The quadralectics of learningAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
09.06.14 MSRebuke and Forgiveness Audio ClipBuy 
TSSovereignty of God and restructuring consciousnessAudio ClipBuy 
08.30.14 MSPursuing Justice Audio ClipBuy 
TSFurther thoughts on Justice and VirtueAudio ClipBuy 
08.23.14 MSSovereignty and Values Audio ClipBuy 
TSMeaning of MitzvahAudio ClipBuy 
08.16.14 MSMoving through resistance Audio ClipBuy 
TSChasidic teachings from EkevAudio ClipBuy 
08.09.14 MSThe Belief of the Yetzer Hara Audio ClipBuy 
TSA mystical Understanding of PrayerAudio ClipBuy 
08.02.14 MSFurther Thoughts on Gaza Audio ClipBuy 
TSPatterns of Thought and Human DestructivenessAudio ClipBuy 
07.26.14 MSGaza and the Inner Prism Audio ClipBuy 
TSLattice of ConsciousnessAudio ClipBuy 
07.19.14 MSGaza, Wisdom from Proverbs Audio ClipBuy 
TSIdolatry and FetishAudio ClipBuy 
07.12.14 MSSituation in Gaza Wisdom and Derision Audio ClipBuy 
TSPinchas and Vigilante JusticeAudio ClipBuy 
07.05.14 MSSituation in Israel Audio ClipBuy 
TSBil'am and Tzit TzitAudio ClipBuy 
06.28.14 MSWisdom in the Book of Proverbs Audio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
06.21.14 MSWisdom and Proverbs Audio ClipBuy 
TSKorach and EnvyAudio ClipBuy 
06.14.14 MSDefining Wisdom Audio ClipBuy 
TSBiblical Psychology: The SpiesAudio ClipBuy 
06.07.14 MSAfter thoughts on RevelationsAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
05.31.14 MSThe exiled self Audio ClipBuy 
TSThree archetypes of disruption and the priestly blessingsAudio ClipBuy 
05.24.14 MSYesod – Foundations of PersonalityAudio ClipBuy 
TSVirtue, Insight and the Four CsAudio ClipBuy 
05.17.14 MSMeditation and the Sefirot Audio ClipBuy 
TS Pure Thought and Pure WillAudio ClipBuy 
05.10.14 MSGnosticism, Neoplatonism, and Kabbalah, IAudio ClipBuy 
TSGnosticism, Neoplatonism, and Kabbalah, IIAudio ClipBuy 
05.03.14 MSNeoplatonism and Judaism IAudio ClipBuy 
TSNeoplatonism and Judaism IIAudio ClipBuy 
04.26.14 MSPhaedrusAudio ClipBuy 
TSHoliness and ConsciousnessAudio ClipBuy 
04.19.14 MSIntroduction to Kabbalah PhaedrusAudio ClipBuy 
TSMysticism and Ezekiel's VisionAudio ClipBuy 
04.12.14 MSPassover Teachings, IAudio ClipBuy 
TSPassover Teachings, IIAudio ClipBuy 
04.05.14 MSPassover Teachings Part 1: Haggadah, Purity, 4 SonsAudio ClipBuy 
TSPassover Teachings Part 2: Haggadah, Purity, 4 SonsAudio ClipBuy 
03.29.14 MSInterplay Between Conscious & Subconscious On the Journey to Spiritual FreedomAudio ClipBuy 
TSLife, Death, and Skin DiseaseAudio ClipBuy 
03.22.14 MSFreedom + The Operating SystemAudio ClipBuy 
TSBetween Precision + CreativityAudio ClipBuy 
03.15.14 MSMars BluffAudio ClipBuy 
TSChickensAudio ClipBuy 
03.08.14 MSFoundation and above - The four special SabbathsAudio ClipBuy 
TSVision and ResistanceAudio ClipBuy 
03.01.14 MSManifestation of the DivineAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe wise and generous heartAudio ClipBuy 
02.22.14 MSThe Molten Calf - Rigidity, Chaos, Truth and RegenerationAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Wise and Generous HeartAudio ClipBuy 
02.15.14 MSMishkan Daily PracticeAudio ClipBuy 
TSShabbat ConscienceAudio ClipBuy 
02.08.14 MSAdolescence, Spiritual Psychology and the Higher SelfAudio ClipBuy 
TSMeditation on "Atah"; The way back to EdenAudio ClipBuy 
02.01.14 MSThe Soul and FireAudio ClipBuy 
TSDivine Emanations and the TabernacleAudio ClipBuy 
01.25.14 MSSocial Ethics and Moral VaguenessAudio ClipBuy 
TSHearing and Jewish LawAudio ClipBuy 
01.18.14 MSThe Science of ConsciousnessAudio ClipBuy 
TSTBAAudio ClipNA 
01.11.14 MSMind and CosmosAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe anxiety of FreedomAudio ClipBuy 
01.04.14 MSNew Atheism & Cosmic ConsciousnessAudio ClipBuy 
TSPharaoh as MetaphorAudio ClipBUY 

2013 Morning and Torah Studies Catalog

DateType Title Sampleshopwatch
12.28.13 MSMilitant Atheism explanation and responseAudio ClipBuy 
TSArchetypal Study of MosesAudio ClipBuy 
12.21.13 MSA Jewish View of ChristianityAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Jewish Bible and ChristianityAudio ClipBuy 
12.14.13 MSMeditations on GevurahAudio ClipBuy 
TSTerror of GodAudio ClipBuy 
12.07.13 MSRandom thoughts on VirtueAudio ClipBuy 
TSHow to read the BibleAudio ClipBuy 
11.30.13 MSChanukah: Gratitude and PraiseAudio ClipBuy 
TSJoseph, Judah and TamarAudio ClipBuy 
11.23.13 MSLayers of ChanukahAudio ClipBuy 
TSExistential decision of JudahAudio ClipBuy 
11.16.13 MSHistory and Meaning of HanukkahAudio ClipBuy 
TSJacob, Moral Dilemmas and Moral GrowthAudio ClipBuy 
11.09.13 MSMoral AuthorityAudio ClipBuy 
TSJacobs Inner lifeAudio ClipBuy 
11.02.13 MSHuston Smiths tunnelAudio ClipBuy 
TSMoral Ambiguity Torah Portion ToldotAudio ClipBuy 
10.26.13 MSEnchanted WorldAudio ClipBuy 
TSEnchanted World IIAudio ClipBuy 
10.19.13 MSSeen By GodAudio ClipBuy 
TSAngelsAudio ClipBuy 
10.12.13 MSThe experience of LostAudio ClipBuy 
TSMyth and TruthAudio ClipBuy 
10.05.13 MSYetser ha-raAudio ClipBuy 
TSMyth and TruthAudio ClipBuy 
09.28.13 MSOthernessAudio ClipBuy 
TSShadow of God (included in Morning Study)Audio ClipNA 
09.21.13 MSVirtue and Happiness IAudio ClipBuy 
TSVirtue and Happiness IIAudio ClipBuy 
09.07.13 MSShabbat ShuvahAudio ClipBuy 
TSShabbat Shuvah IIAudio ClipBuy 
08.31.13 MSDemonstrations of Gods NonexistenceAudio ClipBuy 
TSWhy I dont like Religion and What to do about itAudio ClipBuy 
08.24.13 MSTruth and HonestyAudio ClipBuy 
TSTruth and Honesty IIAudio ClipBuy 
08.17.13 MSVirtue and the No-ThingAudio ClipNA 
TSA walk in the park (Note: This week the morning/torah studies are combined on one cd.)Audio ClipBuy 
08.10.13 MSName TBAAudio ClipBuy 
TSName TBAAudio ClipBuy 
08.03.13 MSThe Secret JokeAudio ClipBuy 
TSExpanded and Limitedness ConsciousnessAudio ClipNA 
07.27.13 MSLove and Sovereignty of the Divine IAudio ClipBuy 
TSLove and Sovereignty of the Divine IIAudio ClipBuy 
07.20.13 MSIsrael Report/ Introduction to Shabbat NachamuAudio ClipNA 
TSShabbat Nachamu: Love and Grace as Transformative PowersAudio ClipBuy 
06.29.13 MSChasidic GemsAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
06.22.13 MSPrecision and TruthAudio ClipBuy 
TSIn the Cave: Archetypal Understanding of ShittimAudio ClipBuy 
06.15.13 MSReview of fundamentals of Chasidic PsychologyAudio ClipBuy 
TSKorach: What’s said in Vagueness, stays in VaguenessAudio ClipBuy 
06.08.13 MSChasidic Psychology: Fundamentals and EssentialsAudio ClipBuy 
TSKorach: Casting Aspersions from false AspirationsAudio ClipBuy 
06.01.13 MSChasidic Psychology and PrayerAudio ClipBuy 
TSEmissaries of the DivineAudio ClipBuy 
05.25.13 MSChasidism & Depth PsychologyAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
05.18.13 MSFundamentals of Chasidic PsychologyAudio ClipNA 
TSFundamentals of Chasidic Psychology IIAudio ClipBuy 
05.11.13 MSNAAudio ClipNA 
TSSelf-Organization and RevelationAudio ClipBuy 
05.04.13 MSFoundation and ConnectionAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
04.27.13 MSProphecy and Holy ArchitectureAudio ClipBuy 
TSEncountering the Divine in TimeAudio ClipBuy 
04.20.13 MSThe Emanation of EnduranceAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
04.13.13 MSTiferet and stoicismAudio ClipBuy 
TSReflections on Yom HaSho'ahAudio ClipBuy 
04.06.13 MSMeditations on GevurahAudio ClipBuy 
TSTerror of GodAudio ClipBuy 
03.30.13 MSRevelation, Omer and 12 StepsAudio ClipBuy 
TSRevelation, Omer and TransformationAudio ClipBuy 
03.23.13 MSTeaching on Passover IAudio ClipBuy 
TSTeaching on Passover IIAudio ClipBuy 
03.16.13 MSDefinition of Jewish spirituality and how it applies to Jewish HolidayAudio ClipBuy 
TSMetaphor of 'Burning Hametz'Audio ClipBuy 
03.09.13 MSThe Renewal of Self Through the Discovery of the WillAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
03.02.13 MSPurification of MindAudio ClipBuy 
TSFacing ResistanceAudio ClipBuy 
02.23.13 MSShabbat Zakhor and AmalekAudio ClipBuy 
TSPurim TorahAudio ClipBuy 
02.16.13 MSInsight to Mindsight IIAudio ClipBuy 
TSIntroduction to the 4 portionsAudio ClipBuy 
02.09.13 MSFoundations of Spiritual Psychology: Insights from MindsightAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Jewish Philosophy of LawAudio ClipBuy 
02.02.13 MSFoundations of Spiritual Psychology VIAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Philosophy of RevelationAudio ClipBuy 
01.26.13 MSFoundations of Spiritual Psychology VAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
01.19.13 MSFoundations of Spiritual Psychology IVAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
01.12.13 MSFoundations of Spiritual Psychology III – Visions and Theories Part BAudio ClipBuy 
TSPhilosophy of Hebrew Scripture II – The Structure & Purpose of the BibleAudio ClipBuy 
01.05.13 MSFoundations of Spiritual Psychology II – Visions and TheoriesAudio ClipNA 
TSPhilosophy of Hebrew Scripture I – the Bible’s view of the Human ConditionAudio ClipBuy 

2012 Morning and Torah Studies Catalog

DateType Title Sampleshopwatch
12.29.12 MSFoundations Of Spiritual PsychologyAudio ClipBuy 
TSFoundations of Spiritual Psychology RevisedAudio ClipBuy 
12.22.12 MSCrisis and Response IAudio ClipBuy 
TSCrisis and Response IIAudio ClipBuy 
12.15.12 MSTragedy in ConnecticutAudio ClipBuy 
TSGreco-Roman background of Rabbinic and Christian thoughtAudio ClipBuy 
12.08.12 MSChanukah and HellenismAudio ClipBuy 
TSWisdom vs. SophistryAudio ClipBuy 
12.01.12 MSThe Four Levels Of ChanukahAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Man Who Had AllAudio ClipBuy 
11.24.12 MSThanksgiving for Hidden MiraclesAudio ClipBuy 
TSJacob’s Flight and the Journey of ConsciousnessAudio ClipBuy 
11.17.12 MSSituation in GazaAudio ClipBuy 
TSAdditional thought on Gaza - Maimonides BrieflyAudio ClipBuy 
11.10.12 MSMaimonides : Theory of the DivineAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Interiority of Scripture : In thought of MaimonidesAudio ClipBuy 
11.03.12 MSInter-political Education IAudio ClipBuy 
TSInter-political Education IIAudio ClipBuy 
10.27.12 MSHappiness and Personal IntegrationAudio ClipBuy 
TSAbraham & The Journey WithinAudio ClipBuy 
10.20.12 MSAlchemy and Positive PsychologyAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
10.13.12 MSAuthentic HappinessAudio ClipBuy 
TSArchetypal Interpretation of the Genesis StoryAudio ClipBuy 
10.06.12 MSLaws of Sukkot/ Character and HappinessAudio ClipBuy 
TSPersonality, character, and HappinessAudio ClipBuy 
09.29.12 MSInner Life HappinessAudio ClipBuy 
TSQ and A on various practices/ a thought on spiritual happinessAudio ClipBuy 
09.22.12 MSReview of Rosh Hashanah Teaching; Justice, Rationality, and FreudAudio ClipBuy 
TSAcknowledging the TruthAudio ClipBuy 
09.15.12 MSComment on Recent events in LibyaAudio ClipBuy 
TSTheories and VirtueAudio ClipBuy 
09.01.12 MSVirtue + Theory pt. 1Audio ClipBuy 
TSVirtue + Theory pt. 2Audio ClipBuy 
08.25.12 MSYoke of the Divine and the Sovereignty of the DivineAudio ClipBuy 
TSReverence and the Inner LifeAudio ClipBuy 
08.18.12 MSMetaphors and the Language of the soulAudio ClipBuy 
TSReverence-Awe and SinAudio ClipBuy 
08.11.12 MSYoke of the Divine and the Sovereignty of the DivineAudio ClipBuy 
TSReverence and the Inner LifeAudio ClipBuy 
07.28.12 MS9 av- The Shadow self IAudio ClipBuy 
TS9 av- The Shadow self IIAudio ClipBuy 
07.21.12 MSThe Recent Tragedies : Intro to JeremiahAudio ClipBuy 
TSIntro to Jeremiah: Midrash on JeremiahAudio ClipBuy 
07.14.12 MSTeaching on the 3 weeks- Obsession of the YetzerHaRaAudio ClipBuy 
TSDaughters of Tzelofechad and the Molten CalfAudio ClipBuy 
07.07.12 MSIntroduce the three weeks: Source of human destructivenessAudio ClipBuy 
TSthree weeks ; 9 Av; Kamtza and Bar KamtzaAudio ClipBuy 
06.30.12 MSVerses of Song- Song of CreationAudio ClipBuy 
TSDeath, Grief, and MourningAudio ClipBuy 
06.23.12 MSSoul of Prayer- Acknowledging TruthAudio ClipBuy 
TSKorach's Rebellion - Psychological PerspectivesAudio ClipBuy 
06.16.12 MSPillar of Prayer- Yirah/ AweAudio ClipBuy 
TSStory of the Spies- Fear to DisintegrationAudio ClipBuy 
06.09.12 MSInto the heart of PrayerAudio ClipBuy 
TSLight and the JourneyAudio ClipBuy 
06.02.12 MSThe Ark of PrayerAudio ClipNA 
TSMidrash as an Entry into the Inner LifeAudio ClipBuy 
05.26.12 MSBreakage To Revelation: A Partial ReviewAudio ClipBuy 
TSHeart As A Vessel For Divine FlowAudio ClipBuy 
05.19.12 MSYesod- Malkhut and Breakage in the soulAudio ClipBuy 
TSS'fat Emet Shavu'otAudio ClipBuy 
05.12.12 MSNetzach - Hod: Will and FormAudio ClipBuy 
TSShavu'ot and the Voice withinAudio ClipBuy 
05.05.12 MSNetzach and WillAudio ClipBuy 
TSUpper Sefirot and Higher ConsciousnessAudio ClipBuy 
04.28.12 MSNANANA 
TSShame, Brokenness of and TruthAudio ClipBuy 
04.21.12 MSGevurah and Tiferet 1Audio ClipBuy 
TSGevurah and Tiferet 2Audio ClipBuy 
04.14.12 MSIntroduction to Omer - Core InsightsAudio ClipBuy 
TSChesed - Upper and LowerAudio ClipBuy 
04.07.12 MSIntroduction to Omer - Core InsightsAudio ClipBuy 
TSChesed - Upper and LowerAudio ClipBuy 
03.31.12 MSStudy of SederAudio ClipBuy 
TSSeder of TruthAudio ClipBuy 
03.24.12 MSArba Parshiyst - Shabbat HaHudech- Renewal of the Dark night of the soulAudio ClipBuy 
TSDeeper Meaning of SacrificeAudio ClipBuy 
03.10.12 MSShabbat: A vessel for spiritAudio ClipBuy 
TSThree kinds of AmbiguityAudio ClipBuy 
03.03.12 MSOverview of Arba ParshiyotAudio ClipBuy 
TSZachor, Consciousness, Ministers, LightAudio ClipBuy 
02.25.12 MSShekalim: Transformation and the Half-ShekelAudio ClipBuy 
TSHoliness, Humanity and CommunityAudio ClipBuy 
02.18.12 MSMaimonides' Philosophy of LawAudio ClipBuy 
TSChasidic & Talmudic Study of TorahAudio ClipBuy 
02.11.12 MSNatural Law and Jewish LawAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe 10 Commandments and Natural LawAudio ClipBuy 
01.28.12 MSEvolutionary and Archetypal Psychology IAudio ClipBuy 
TSEvolutionary and Archetypal Psychology IIAudio ClipBuy 
01.21.12 MSExile and Redemption: Spiritual PerspectiveAudio ClipBuy 
TSRedemption of Thoughts and FeelingsAudio ClipBuy 
01.14.12 MSLogotherapy and the CallAudio ClipBuy 
TSArchetypal Journey of MosesAudio ClipBuy 

2011 Morning and Torah Studies Catalog

DateType Title Sampleshopwatch
12.24.11 MSJudaism & Christian CommonalitiesAudio ClipBuy 
TSJewish & Christian Apocalytic MessianismAudio ClipBuy 
12.17.11 MSEssence of the oil; Apocalyptic ThoughtAudio ClipBuy 
TSMessianism & Apocalypse in the Book of DanielAudio ClipBuy 
12.10.11 MSHannukah & Repression of Apocalyptic ThoughtAudio ClipBuy 
TSJacob & Esau: The Teaching of EmpathyAudio ClipBuy 
12.03.11 MSAngels in the PrayerbookAudio ClipBuy 
TSJacob and Breaking Through the False SelfAudio ClipBuy 
11.26.11 MSArchetype of Rebecca I: Existential Decisions & DespairAudio ClipBuy 
TSArchetype of Rebecca II: Morals vs. EthicsAudio ClipBuy 
11.19.11 MSGod's Power and Metaphoric TheologyAudio ClipBuy 
11.12.11 MSAbraham and the Journey WithinAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
11.05.11 MSArchetypal Psychology and Abraham IAudio ClipBuy 
TSArchetypal Psychology and Abraham IIAudio ClipBuy 
10.29.11 MSNatural Law and the Inner LifeAudio ClipBuy 
TSNatural Law and NoahAudio ClipBuy 
10.22.11 MSMysteries of Creation - Rational and MysticalAudio ClipBuy 
TSCloud of Unknowing (and Random Questions)Audio ClipBuy 
10.15.11 MSThe Mitzvah of Happiness: Spiritual Contentedness and Inner WellbeingAudio ClipBuy 
TSSukkah as ThresholdAudio ClipBuy 
10.01.11 MSMinisters of the ShadowAudio ClipBuy 
TSLove as a Philosophic ConceptAudio ClipBuy 
09.24.11 MSSovereignty of the Divine/TeshuvahAudio ClipBuy 
TSTeshuvah and Yetzer HarahAudio ClipBuy 
09.17.11 MSThe Problems with Palestinian StatehoodAudio ClipBuy 
TSRationality and IrrationalityAudio ClipBuy 
09.10.11 MSWhen Tradition Goes WrongAudio ClipBuy 
TSNAAudio ClipNA 
09.03.11 MSEthics and RulesAudio ClipBuy 
TSDifference to TraditionAudio ClipBuy 
08.27.11 MSEntitlementAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Truth of Choice: Dawkins vs PerryAudio ClipBuy 
08.20.11 MSResentment and GuiltAudio ClipBuy 
08.13.11 MSSteps to Rosh Hashana 1-Working Through ResentAudio ClipBuy 
TSReform of Theology The Axiom of the SoulAudio ClipBuy 
08.06.11 MSStory of Kamtza and Bar IkamtzaAudio ClipBuy 
TSIn To the Book of DueteronomyAudio ClipBuy 
07.30.11 MSJourney Thru the Architecture of One's LifeAudio ClipBuy 
TSMassei-Inner Journey Thru Treacherous TerrainAudio ClipBuy 
07.23.11 MSTransformative Nature of VowsAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe 3 Weeks - Moments of PromiseAudio ClipBuy 
07.16.11 MSMaimonides On EthicsAudio ClipBuy 
TSMotivation & WillAudio ClipBuy 
07.09.11 MSChasidic Teaching on Disciples of Abraham vs.of BalaamAudio ClipBuy 
TSMaimondide and Prophecy: Spiritual Psychological PerspectiveAudio ClipBuy 
07.02.11 MSChukkah Society and CultureAudio ClipBuy 
TSSpiritual Death and RebirthAudio ClipBuy 
06.25.11 MSCreating the Sanctuary WithinAudio ClipBuy 
TSKorah AngerAudio ClipBuy 
06.18.11 MSFilling the Abyss WithinAudio ClipBuy 
TSWords that Damage the SoulAudio ClipBuy 
06.11.11 MSIdentity & RedefinitionAudio ClipBuy 
TSFilling the Abyss WithinAudio ClipBuy 
06.04.11 MSYesod: The Exerting of the Inner Life Into the Outer WorldAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Wilderness and Spiritual GrowthAudio ClipBuy 
05.28.11 MSExile and Shavu'otAudio ClipBuy 
TSExile and Shavu'ot IIAudio ClipBuy 
05.21.11 MS Hod: The Architecture of Moral CommitmentAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Idea of Truth in Moral PsychologyAudio ClipBuy 
05.14.11 MSNetzach and Moral CommitmentAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Giving of Torah and the Reception of TruthAudio ClipBuy 
05.07.11 MSTiferet and Core of Well BeingAudio ClipBuy 
04.30.11 MSGevurah and Evil - IAudio ClipBuy 
TSGevurah and Evil - IIAudio ClipBuy 
04.23.11 MSOmer and Spiritual Preparation; Chesed and Netzach, the myth of unconditional loveAudio ClipBuy 
TSFurther Thoughts on the OmerAudio ClipBuy 
04.16.11 MS Passover Q&A - IAudio ClipBuy 
TS Passover Q&A - IIAudio ClipBuy 
04.09.11 MSSpiritual Preparation for Passover IAudio ClipBuy 
TSSpiritual Preparation for Passover IIAudio ClipBuy 
04.02.11 MSShabbat HaChodesh and Spiritual RenewalAudio ClipBuy 
TSFrom Outer Disease to Inner Unease: Rabbinic Interpretation of MetzoraAudio ClipBuy 
03.26.11 MSThe Four Portions: #3, PurityAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Transformative Experience of TransformationAudio ClipBuy 
03.19.11 MSOverview of Purim: Purim and MaskingAudio ClipBuy 
TSShabbat Zachor and MindfulnessAudio ClipBuy 
03.12.11 MSThe Tyranny of Subjectivity and Spiritual LiberationAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Four Portions and Spiritual LiberationAudio ClipBuy 
03.05.11 MSPoems of PraiseAudio ClipBuy 
TSMishkan and CreativityAudio ClipBuy 
02.26.11 MSThe Journey of Shabbat Morning PrayersAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Mirrors of the Israelite WomenAudio ClipBuy 
02.19.11 MSPrayer as the Shaping of Consciousness II: Finding the Heart of the PrayerAudio ClipBuy 
TSKi Tisa: Assumptions and ProjectionsAudio ClipBuy 
02.12.11 MSReflections on the Revolution in EgyptAudio ClipBuy 
TSSefat Emet on the Light of GodAudio ClipBuy 
02.05.11 MSPrayer as the Shaping of Consciousness II: The Moral FacultyAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TSMishkan as a Model for the Inner LifeAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
01.29.11 MSPrayer as the Shaping of ConsciousnessAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TSRuminations on the Law of RetaliationAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
01.22.11 MSPrisoners of BrokennessAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TS Archetypal Dimensions of the Ten CommandmentsAudio ClipBuy 
01.15.11 MSPolitical Spirituality in the Aftermath of TucsonAudio ClipBuy 
TSRedemption and RegressionAudio ClipBuy 
01.08.11 MSSoul and FaithAudio ClipBuy 
TSBound for FreedomAudio ClipBuy 
01.01.11 MSPrayers for the New Year from the Prayer BookAudio ClipBuy 
TSThe Zohar on Names of GodAudio ClipBuy 

2010 Morning and Torah Studies Catalog

DateType Title Sampleshopwatch
12.25.10 MS Annual Christmas Sermon - Being right with God Audio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TS Annual Christmas Sermon II - Judaism and Christianity - Finding What we Have LostAudio ClipBuy 
12.18.10 MS Intro to Spiritual Formation and Moral Psychology IAudio ClipBuy 
TS Intro to Spiritual Formation and Moral Psychology IIAudio ClipBuy 
12.11.10 MS The Essence of Judaism - Appreciation and CritiqueAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TS Speaking the Truth in Your Heart by Assembling the Council of MinistersAudio ClipNAVideo Clip
12.04.10Chanukah Chanukah - the Light Against DispairAudio ClipBuy 
Chanukah Miracle, Acknowledgment and Praise - Three Words in the Chasidic Understanding of ChanukahAudio ClipBuy 
11.27.10 MS Kabbalistic PlacebosAudio ClipBuy 
TS Jospeh and the Turning PointNABuy 
11.20.10 MS Vision and ValuesAudio ClipBuy 
TS MatzevahAudio ClipBuy 
11.13.10 MS Three Falacies of FaithNANA 
TS Truth and Subterfuge NANA 
11.06.10 MS Theology of Doubt - and Thoughts on BarmitzvahAudio ClipBuy 
10.30.10 MS Political SpiritualityAudio ClipBuy 
TS Being an Emmissary of the DivineAudio ClipBuy 
10.23.10 MS Atheistic Fundamentalism Audio ClipBuy 
TS Theological Polemic in the AkedahAudio ClipBuy 
10.16.10 MS The Wisdom of Halacha for Spiritual PracticeAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TS Abraham and the Paradigm ShiftAudio ClipBuy 
10.09.10 MS Lurianic Kabbalah and Liberal Judaism; Forgiving One's SelfNABuyVideo Clip
TS 3 Approaches to the Torah Portion; Literary, Midrashic, and HasidicNABuyVideo Clip
10.02.10 MS Ruminations before GenisisNABuyVideo Clip
TS The Documentary Hypothesis and Biblical ThoughtNABuyVideo Clip
09.25.10 MS The Spiritual Journey from the Broken Temple to the SukkahAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TS Turning it over to God: Living Inside of GodAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
09.11.10 MS Shabbat Shuvah IAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TS Shabbat Shuvah IIAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
09.04.10 MS The Irony of the Sovereignty of the DivineAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TS Reinterpreting the CovenantAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
08.28.10 MS The Spiritual Meaning of the Sovereignty of the DivineAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TS Cultivating the Sovereignty of the Divine WithinAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
08.21.10 MS The Spiritual Practice of Moral ReasoningAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TS Torah as the Articulation of the Divine MindAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
08.14.10 MS Luria and the Limits of Free WillAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TS John Milton's Understanding of Jewish Political TheoryAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
08.07.10 MS Theodicy and the Metaphysical BaselinesAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TS Metaphysical LeftoversAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
07.31.10 MS Moral Realism and TheodicyAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TS Theodicy and it's SolutionAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
07.24.10 MS Reason and ReligionAudio ClipBuy 
TS Fidelity in the book of IsiahAudio ClipBuy 
07.17.10 MS Entangled ThoughtAudio ClipBuy 
TS Healing LanguageAudio ClipBuy 
07.10.10 MS Feeling and BetterAudio ClipBuy 
TS Reverence and VowsAudio ClipBuy 
07.03.10 MS Moral Panic and the Molten CalfAudio ClipBuy 
TS Courage and Vigilante Justice Audio ClipBuy 
06.26.10 MS Outlining the Shadow SelfAudio ClipBuy 
TS Inner Dimesnions of Prophecy Audio ClipBuy 
06.19.10 MS Ideology and NeurosisAudio ClipBuy 
TS Hukkat: Out Sourcing Conscience to the EldersAudio ClipBuy 
06.12.10 MS Perception, Compassion, JusticeAudio ClipBuy 
TS N/AAudio ClipBuy 
06.05.10 MS The Fabricated Flotilla CrisisAudio ClipBuyVideo Clip
TS The Spies and the Skewing PerceptionAudio ClipBuy 
05.29.10 MS Fundamentals 3Audio ClipBuy 
TS Beha'alotcha - Symptoms of AnxietyAudio ClipBuy 
05.22.10 MS Foundations I: The God I don't Believe inAudio ClipBuy 
TS Foundations II: Modern Thinking about the DivineAudio ClipBuy 
05.15.10 MS The Theory of RevelationAudio ClipBuy 
TS The Philosophy of PluralismAudio ClipBuy 
05.08.10 MS Further Thoughts on Tiferet IAudio ClipBuy 
TS Further Thoughts on Tiferet II Audio ClipBuy 
05.01.10 MS Spiritual Demensions of HodAudio ClipBuy 
TS Sacred TimeAudio ClipBuy 
04.24.10 MS Further Thoughts on TiferetAudio ClipBuy 
TS From Hatred to Love, and the Steps in BetweenAudio ClipBuy 
04.17.10 MS The Core of Well Being: The Sefirah of TiferetAudio ClipBuy 
TS Archetypal Meaning of Tza'ra'atAudio ClipBuy 
04.10.10 MS The Sefria of GevuraAudio ClipBuy 
TS Gevura and EvilAudio ClipBuy 
04.03.10 MS Sefat Emet on the Sabbath of PesachAudio ClipBuy 
TS The Broken TabletsAudio ClipBuy 
03.27.10 MS Sefat Emet on PesachAudio ClipBuy 
TS The Deeper Meanings of PesachAudio ClipBuy 
03.20.10 MS Thoughts on Passover IAudio ClipBuy 
TS Thoughts on Passover IIAudio ClipBuy 
03.13.10 MS Shabbat HahodeshAudio ClipBuy 
TS The Wise and Generous Heart in VaYakhel-PekudeiAudio ClipBuy 
03.06.10 MS Shabbat Parah: Spiritual PurityAudio ClipBuy 
TS Paralells Between the Molten Calf and the Genisis NarrativeAudio ClipBuy 
02.27.10 MS Shabbat ZachorAudio ClipBuy 
TS Zoe BellAudio ClipBuy 
02.20.10 MS Review of Four Portions: Prashat ZachorAudio ClipBuy 
TS Spiritual Ambivalence and the Mishkan (with the help of Avivah Zornberg)Audio ClipBuy 
02.13.10 MS Shekalim in the Chasidic TraditionAudio ClipBuy 
TS Thoughts on JusticeAudio ClipBuy 
02.06.10 MS Mystical Understanding of the Torah IAudio ClipBuy 
TS Mystical Understanding of the Torah IIAudio ClipBuy 
01.30.10 MS Spiritual Formation: Gratitude and RemorseAudio ClipBuy 
TS Words of Redemption: Chasidic Interpretation Audio ClipBuy 
01.23.10 MS The Shia in IslamAudio ClipBuy 
TS Sufism in IslamAudio ClipBuy 
01.16.10 MS Early History of Islam Part 2Audio ClipBuy 
TS Islamic Law and TheologyAudio ClipBuy 
01.09.10 MS Origins of IslamAudio ClipNA 
TS Hero's Journey: Abraham, Moses and MohammedAudio ClipNA 
01.02.10 MS The Jewish Origins of ChristianityAudio ClipNA 
TS The Orgins of Ealry Rebbinic JudiasmAudio ClipNA 

2009 Morning and Torah Studies Catalog

DateType Title Sampleshopwatch
11/07/09 MS Assagioli and Finding the Core SelfAudio ClipBuy 
TS The Zohar on the term “Va-yeira” (“he appeared”)Audio ClipBuy 
10/31/09 MS The study of inner life transformationAudio ClipBuy 
TS Tracing a verse from the Torah through Midrash, Zohar, and Chasidic TraditionAudio ClipBuy 
10/24/09 MS Studying the Bible IIAudio ClipBuy 
TS A psychoanalytic study of Noah with the help of Avivah ZornbergAudio ClipBuy 
10/17/09 MS Foundations for Studying the BibleAudio ClipBuy 
TS Foundations for Studying Torah Audio ClipBuy 
10/10/09 MS 10 Aphorisms 1-6Audio ClipBuy 
TS Review 10 Aphorisms 1-6, Then 7-10Audio ClipBuy 
10/03/09 MS The Master Torah Narrative of Jewish Spiritual WorkAudio ClipBuy 
TS The meaning and mitzvah of happiness; forgiving the selfAudio ClipBuy 
09/26/09 MS Shabbat Shuvah IAudio ClipBuy 
TS Shabbat Shuvah IINABuy 
09/12/09 MS Three Dimensions of RH SpiritualityAudio ClipBuy 
TS Review of Three Dimensions of RH Spirituality; the Meaning of the ShofarAudio ClipBuy 
09/05/09 MS Ruminations on Ahavah/ChesedAudio ClipBuy 
TS Sovereignty of the Divine at Rosh HaShanahAudio ClipBuy 
08/29/09 MS The Depth of BeautyAudio ClipBuy 
TS Spiritual Preparation for High Holidays IAudio ClipBuy 
08/22/09 MS Pursuit of Justice: Second talkAudio ClipBuy 
TS Two different angles on “Justice, Justice, shall you pursue”Audio ClipBuy 
08/15/09 MS Pursuit of Justice – first talkAudio ClipBuy 
TS Text study on different theories of justice in the Jewish traditionAudio ClipBuy 
08/08/09 MS Into the heart of truthAudio ClipBuy 
TS The theology of Deuteronomy: Its historical origin and why we don’t believe in it any moreAudio ClipBuy 
08/01/09 MS The Heart of TruthAudio ClipBuy 
TS The Moral Frame of the 10 CommandmentsAudio ClipBuy 
07/25/09 MS Fear, Anger and the 17th of Tammuz 3Audio ClipBuy 
TS Study of the book of Isaiah3Audio ClipBuy 
07/18/09 MS Fear, Anger and the 17th of Tammuz 2Audio ClipBuy 
TS The image of the staffAudio ClipBuy 
07/11/09 MS Fear, Anger and the 17th of TammuzAudio ClipBuy 
TS Rosh Chodesh and the daughters of TzelophechadAudio ClipBuy 
07/04/09 MS Two Types of DemocracyAudio ClipBuy 
TS Parody of ProphecyAudio ClipBuy 
06/27/09 MS Problems with the term “Social Justice”Audio ClipBuy 
TS Korach: Blaming others for the way you feelAudio ClipBuy 
06/20/09 MS The Meaning of ToleranceAudio ClipBuy 
TS Catastrophizing in Spiritual Psychology: An interpretation of the SpiesNABuy 
06/13/09 MS Be’ha’alotekha: Complaints and their DiscontentsAudio ClipBuy 
TS Address by Consul General Jacob DayanAudio ClipBuy 
06/06/09 MS Chasidism and the Revival of PietyAudio ClipBuy 
TS The Priestly Blessing – a Chasidic InterpretationAudio ClipBuy 
05/30/09 MS Shavu’ot: Revelation of Divine PresenceAudio ClipBuy 
TS Sefat Emet on Shavu’ot; 12 Steps; an example of RevelationAudio ClipBuy 
05/23/09 MS Overview of the Sesirot: Shekhina in exileAudio ClipBuy 
TS Revelation in the presence of the divineAudio ClipBuy 
05/16/09 MS Spiritual Psychological Insights on the Lower Triad of SefirotAudio ClipBuy 
05/09/09 MS Notes on Isaac the Blind’s Theory of EvilAudio ClipBuy 
TS The wisdom of the shofar, from Chasidic sourcesAudio ClipBuy 
05/02/09 MS Isaac ‘the Blind’ and the beginning of the KabbalahAudio ClipBuy 
TS Holiness in the Chasidic lensAudio ClipBuy 
04/25/09 MS Sefer Bahir and the Early Kabbalah, 2NABuy 
TS The central Kabbalistic Sephirot: Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet-EmetNABuy 
04/18/09 MS Sefer Bahir and the Beginnings of the Kabbalah 1NABuy 
04/11/09 MS Intro to Kabbala, 1NABuy 
TS The Mystical Interpretation of the Song of Songs; a few thoughts on The Inner NarrativeNABuy 
04/04/09 MS Rabbinic Typologies of “Four” and PassoverNABuy 
TS Insight on the Haggadah – Practical and MoreNABuy 
03/28/09 MS The Meaning of Spiritual LiberationNABuy 
TS Passover and PurityNABuy 
03/21/09 MS Shabbat HaChodesh and Spiritual RenewalNABuy 
TS The Mishkon and Spiritual IntensityNABuy 
03/14/09 MS Shabbat Parah and Purity of ThoughtNABuy 
TS Ki Tisa: Zornberg on Anxiety and “Lateness”NABuy 
03/07/09 MS Shabbat Zachor and the Envy of the SublimeNABuy 
TS The Poetry of the Torah Service, part twoNABuy 
02/28/09 MS The Poetry of the Torah ServiceNABuy 
TS The Mishkan and the TempleNABuy 
02/21/09 MS Shekalim and the Tabernacle WithinNABuy 
TS Law as a Vessel for GraceNABuy 
02/14/09 MS Definition and Assessment of SpiritualityNABuy 
TS Spirituality of the Ten Commandments and further random thoughtsNABuy 
02/07/09 MS Existentialism and Archetypal PsychologyNABuy 
TS Chasidic Understandings of Pharaoh’s Sending the Israelites from EgyptNABuy 
01/31/09 MS Jungian Psychology and Jewish Mysticism IINABuy 
TS Creation and the Plagues in Chasidic thoughtNABuy 
01/24/09 MS Jungian Psychology and Jewish MysticismNABuy 
TS Four Worlds Theory in Jewish Spiritual PsychologyNABuy 
01/17/09 MS Just War TheoryNABuy 
TS Exodus Chapters 1-4 as a Model for the Spiritual JourneyNABuy 
01/10/09 MS Crisis in Gaza INABuyVideo Clip
TS Crisis in Gaza IINABuy